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Fitness Edge is proud to accept SilverSneakers®, a senior citizen fitness program that is paid for by Medicare and other insurance providers and qualifies its participants for a free membership, without any restrictions, at over 11,000 locations. The program was first recognized at our Murrells Inlet location in January of 2013 and then three months later our Carolina Forest location followed suit. Since its official recognition we have enrolled over 1,500 sponsored members and added several SilverSneakers® (Classic) classes to our group exercise programs.  Due to high turnout, we have also added an additional water aerobics class at our Carolina Forest location.

Due to its increasing popularity and demand,  both locations will offer two new SilverSneakers ® fitness classes:  SlverSneakers® Circuit and SilverSneakers® Yoga. While both classes will mimic their traditional class counterparts in principle, they will cater to our elderly members by incorporating low-impact exercises that are significantly less strenuous on the body, yet still offer a fun and challenging workout. All Fitness Edge SilverSneakers® fitness classes are taught by a specially certified instructor.

When considering its cost (FREE!) and the health benefits, the SilverSneakers® program is a spectacular way for elderly people to stay active, prolong aging, and combat (as well as prevent) a variety of diseases and conditions including: osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, and heart-disease, the number one killer in the United States. Moderate low-impact exercise has also been proven to reduce pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, and the social aspect of group fitness has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, which in itself can lead to a healthier
and prolonged life. A smile a day can in fact keep the doctor away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know… 1 out of 5 people 65 or older is eligible for a SilverSneakers membership!

If you’re a group retiree, or part of a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health plan, you may already have a SilverSneakers membership. This active adult wellness program is offered to many Medicare plans across the nation.

Can’t find your health plan? Call your health plan’s customer service number and ask when it will add this valuable benefit.

Still unsure?  Check your eligibility by clicking here.

SilverSneakers works with the nation’s leading health plans to provide you fitness location access at no additional cost. Click here to see if your state’s  health plan is among them.

Get fit your way™ with SilverSneakers

Work out when, where and how you want with Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness. Check out all the ways you could be taking advantage of this innovative program for healthy aging!

As a SilverSneakers member, you get access to all basic amenities and SilverSneakers group exercise classes, plus it’s easy to enroll with your SilverSneakers ID card. No SilverSneakers card? Just bring your health plan ID card into the club to get a temporary card issued.

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